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Reports from BBC in the past year with the word “Gaza” in the headline:

2011-Sep-08: Turkey ‘to escort Gaza aid ships’ amid row with Israel
2011-Sep-08: Gaza militant killed as new Palestinian mosque attacked
2011-Sep-06: Turkey suspends Israel defence ties over Gaza aid raid
2011-Sep-05: Gaza flotilla: Press divided on Turkey-Israel spat
2011-Sep-03: Gaza flotilla: Turkey ‘to take Israel to UN court
2011-Sep-02: Turkey expels Israeli ambassador over Gaza flotilla row
2011-Sep-02: Gaza flotilla row: New low in Turkish ties with Israel
2011-Sep-02: Gaza ship raid excessive but blockade legal, says UN
2011-Sep-01: Israel kills Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza air strike
2011-Aug-26: Militant groups in Gaza agree to a second Israel truce
2011-Aug-25: Five killed in Gaza as rockets hit Israel despite truce
2011-Aug-23: Israel and Hamas agree Gaza truce, reports say
2011-Aug-21: Israel-Gaza violence causes international concern
2011-Aug-20: Israel strikes Gaza after Palestinian rockets in Ashdod
2011-Aug-19: Gaza militants fire rockets into Israel after raids
2011-Aug-19: Israeli jets bomb Gaza targets
2011-Aug-18: ‘Double revenge‘ promised after Israel strike on Gaza
2011-Aug-18: Israeli airstrike on Gaza following bus attack
2011-Aug-18: Israel pounds Gaza after deadly attacks near Eilat
2011-Aug-17: Two killed in Gaza after rocket hits Israel’s Beersheba
2011-Aug-05: Second night of Israeli strikes on Gaza after rocket fire
2011-Aug-03: Smuggling drives Gaza’s building boom
2011-Jul-19: Israelis board Gaza protest boat
2011-Jul-19: Israel troops board Gaza protest boat Dignite-al Karama
2011-Jul-13: Israeli army kills man in Nablus, hits Gaza targets
2011-Jul-07: Israel set for ‘flytilla’ as Gaza boats blocked
2011-Jul-06: Hamas arrests male hairdresser for Gaza woman’s haircut
2011-Jul-05: Israel forces ‘kill two militants in central Gaza’
2011-Jul-03: Greece arrests US captain of Gaza aid ship
2011-Jun-30: Gaza aid flotilla: Irish crew accuse Israel of sabotage
2011-Jun-26: Powerful explosion near UN office in Gaza City
2011-Jun-14: Gaza unemployment levels ‘among worst in world
2011-May-31: Gaza flotilla vow as thousands rally in Istanbul
2011-May-28: Egypt eases blockade at Gaza’s Rafah border
2011-May-25: Gaza: Egypt ‘to open Rafah crossing to Palestinians’
2011-May-13: Salafist ideological challenge to Hamas in Gaza
2011-May-05: Gaza Strip holds first marathon
2011-May-03: Conductor Daniel Barenboim holds Gaza ‘peace concert’
2011-Apr-29: Gaza-Egypt border crossing to open permanently
2011-Apr-19: Panorama Gaza film had ‘due accuracy’
2011-Apr-19: Vittorio Arrigoni killing: Suspects die in Gaza siege
2011-Apr-15: Hamas condemns murder of Italian activist in Gaza
2011-Apr-15: Italian activist found dead in Gaza after abduction
2011-Apr-10: Israel ‘will observe Gaza truce if Hamas stops firing
2011-Apr-09: Death toll mounts as Israel strikes again at Gaza
2011-Apr-09: Gaza: Israel kills 12 amid cross-border exchanges
2011-Apr-08: Gaza violence: Hamas declares ceasefire with Israel
2011-Apr-07: Gaza: Israeli forces strike after attack on bus
2011-Apr-05: Israel invites UN war crimes envoy amid Gaza furore
2011-Apr-02: Israel urges UN to cancel Goldstone Report on Gaza war
2011-Apr-02: Gaza: Hamas militants killed in Israeli air strike
2011-Mar-31: Bid to twin Giant’s Causeway’s council with Gaza City
2011-Mar-27: Israeli air strike kills two militants in northern Gaza
2011-Mar-27: Gaza militant groups agree Israel ceasefire, says Hamas
2011-Mar-25: Gazans count cost of escalating violence
2011-Mar-24: Israel: Gaza rocket attacks strike Ashdod and Yavneh
2011-Mar-23: Air strikes on Gaza after rockets hit southern Israel
2011-Mar-23: Gaza: Children die in Israeli attack, say doctors
2011-Mar-22: Gaza Strip residents seek to join the ‘Arab spring’
2011-Mar-21: Gaza Strip: Israel launches air strikes
2011-Mar-20: Two Palestinians killed at Gaza-Israel border
2011-Mar-19: Gaza militants fire dozens of mortars into Israel
2011-Mar-16: Abbas to meet Hamas in Gaza for Palestinian unity talks
2011-Mar-15: Israel seizes Egypt-bound ship ‘with weapons for Gaza’
2011-Mar-07: Israel and Gaza: Life on both sides of the border
2011-Mar-03: Gaza banks shut in ‘Hamas theft‘ protest
2011-Feb-24: Israeli jets hit Gaza after Palestinian rocket attacks
2011-Feb-23: Gaza militants fire rockets at Beersheba, Israel
2011-Feb-17: Israeli troops fatally shoot three Palestinians in Gaza
2011-Feb-09: Gaza youth vent anger on Facebook
2011-Jan-26: Palestinian leaks: Views from Gaza
2011-Jan-23: Gaza aid flotilla raid: Turkey criticises Israel report
2011-Jan-23: Egypt blames Gaza group for Alexandria church bombing
2011-Jan-23: Israel inquiry finds Gaza aid flotilla raid ‘was legal’
2011-Jan-21: French foreign minister gets hostile reception in Gaza
2011-Jan-18: Israeli tanks take part in deadly Gaza Strip raid
2011-Jan-17: Senior UN relief official John Ging leaves Gaza post
2011-Jan-11: Gaza: Israeli air strike kills Palestinian militant
2011-Jan-10: Israel kills Palestinian farmer near Gaza ‘buffer zone’
2011-Jan-10: Hamas urges Gaza militants to stop rockets into Israel
2011-Jan-08: Israel soldier killed in ‘friendly fire’ at Gaza border
2011-Jan-06: Israel kills two Palestinian men near Gaza Strip border
2011-Jan-03: Gaza blockade: Asia 1 aid convoy reaches Palestinians
2010-Dec-26: Israel kills Gaza militants amid cross-border violence
2010-Dec-23: New Gaza war ‘only a question of time’
2010-Dec-21: Israeli air strike on Gaza as tensions rise
2010-Dec-19: Israeli air strike kills five in Gaza Strip
2010-Dec-14: Hamas anniversary: Ismail Haniya addresses Gaza rally
2010-Dec-11: Israeli army ‘kills two militants entering from Gaza’
2010-Dec-08: Gaza blockade: Israel eases export restrictions
2010-Nov-30: Israel’s eased blockade ‘still crippling‘ Gaza
2010-Nov-21: Israeli troops demoted over Gaza ‘human shield‘ boy
2010-Nov-19: Israeli air strikes hit two Gaza towns
2010-Nov-17: Israeli air strike kills two Islamist militants in Gaza
2010-Nov-15: Greek police release Tyrone Gaza activist
2010-Nov-11: UN: No change in Gaza despite easing of Israel blockade
2010-Nov-10: Hard times drive Gazans into perilous ‘buffer zone’
2010-Nov-03: Israelis admit killing suspected militant in Gaza
2010-Nov-02: Gaza businesses boxed in by Israeli export ban
2010-Oct-30: Gaza’s donkeys under threat from tuk-tuks
2010-Oct-25: Gaza flotilla was Turkish provocation: Livni to inquiry
2010-Oct-22: Aid convoy reaches Gaza without George Galloway
2010-Oct-03: Two Israeli soldiers guilty of using human shield in Gaza
2010-Sep-29: Israeli forces ‘Tasered‘ activist on Gaza aid boat
2010-Sep-29: Gaza-blockade Britons return home
2010-Sep-28: Israel navy intercepts Gaza blockade aid boat
2010-Sep-28: Archbishop of Wales compares Gaza problem to apartheid
2010-Sep-26: Jewish activists sail to Gaza in defiance of blockade
2010-Sep-24: Gaza fisherman ‘killed by Israeli navy’
2010-Sep-23: Israeli raid on Gaza aid flotilla broke law – UN probe
2010-Sep-21: UN faults Israeli, Hamas probes into Gaza conflict
2010-Sep-20: Gaza receives first car shipment from Israel since 2007
2010-Sep-17: Gaza voices: Business under the eased blockade

Indeed, one may easily acquire the perception that there are only rockets, killings and suffering in Gaza, and half of its population are terrorists.

Can it be any farther from the truth?

Instead, the people of Gaza are just like you and me—beautiful human beings, made in the image of God.

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