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Lamma Island

My first try in videography, a short video of clips filmed last Saturday.

Hong Kong Photography

Northeast Lantau

Some photos taken around Disneyland and at the Inspiration Lake at Northeast Lantau between Good Friday and Easter.

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Tao Fong Shan

True to its roots as a place for inter-faith dialogue between Buddhists and Christians, Tao Fong Shan remains to be a quiet retreat among the busyness of Hong Kong, welcoming pilgrims of all faiths, to converse, to reflect, and to gain a deeper meaning of life.

Founded by Norwegian missionary Karl Ludvig Reichelt in 1930, it is now home to the Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre, the Lutheran Theological Seminary, and the Ascension House.

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Hong Kong Photography

We All Love Hong Kong

Umbrellas at the Tamar Park, Admiralty, Hong Kong.

Intellectual exercise #1: Define “we” in the above statement.
Intellectual exercise #2: Define “love” in the above statement.
Intellectual exercise #3: Define “Hong Kong” in the above statement.

Hong Kong

Collision off Lamma

Last night, two ferries collided off Lamma Island, Hong Kong. One of the boats, carrying over 100 people on the way to watch the National Day fireworks display, sank immediately with its passengers aboard.

36 have been confirmed dead, and rescue operations are still under way.

Update on 4-Oct: The death toll has risen to 38, and flags flew at half mast starting today to mark the start of a 3-day mourning.

Update on 6-Oct: A 10-year old girl passed away yesterday, the rest of the hospitalized are said to be in stable conditions.

Hong Kong

A Wedding Tale

A long time ago, there were a couple, they’d been together for a while, the lady wished to marry so much, but the gentleman was not ready yet. One day, the lady spoke to the gentleman:

“Would you marry me?”

Hong Kong World

Occupy Central and… What’s Next…?

Yesterday night, the Occupy Central community organized a music festival to greet the eviction order handed to them by the High Court. Lots of youngsters vented their emotions via loud music.

Youngsters enjoy in the music festival.

At 10-month, it may be one of the longest continuously running Occupy movements in the world. Many others had been put to stop, gone into hibernation from time to time, or become protests that are being held at regular intervals instead.

Hong Kong Photography

Tsim Sha Tsui

Some random handheld shots in Tsim Sha Tsui and Hung Hom.

Though the newer RAW engines do wonders in noise reduction for high ISO shots, perhaps I should still bring a tripod next time.

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Hong Kong Photography

Hong Kong Flower Show 2012

Went to the Hong Kong Flower Show 2012 yesterday.

Although the weather was not very nice and it’s mostly overcast, it didn’t stop people from coming in flocks and taking photographs.

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Hong Kong Photography


They turn the needy from the pathway,
and the poor of the land hide themselves together.
Like wild donkeys in the desert
they go out to their labor,
seeking diligently for food;
the wasteland provides food for them
and for their children.
– Job 24:4-5

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