A Wedding Tale

A long time ago, there were a couple, they’d been together for a while, the lady wished to marry so much, but the gentleman was not ready yet. One day, the lady spoke to the gentleman:

“Would you marry me?”

“Ugh… Marriage…? I’m not ready yet,” the gentleman answered.

But the lady didn’t give up, and began to secretly plan for the wedding. Eventually, it was discovered by the gentleman:

“What are you doing? I’ve never seen someone who’d unilaterally plan a wedding with such secrecy like this. Let’s sit down and talk.”

“But I’ve already booked the banquet hall, paid for the gifts, just sent out the invitations, and plan to have babies 3 years later,” the lady said helplessly (cheekily).

“What?! I’d not accept this!!” the gentleman replied angrily.

In the next few months, the gentleman kept asking the lady to put aside the wedding plan and talk. But the lady ignored him and persisted. The date was approaching, and the argument became more fierce, to the point that they’re about to split. A month before the wedding:

“Please, I’ve prepared everything, you’re not going to quit now, are you?”

“When have I ever agreed to marry you!? Why are you so persistent? We’ve had strife before, but we always talked and solved it in a mutually acceptable way.”

“Talk? Of course! Of course! Is it that you’ve a problem of having the wedding in a church? What about a Buddhist temple? As long as you marry me, we can talk about everything!”

“What I meant was that, we should sit down and think if we should marry now, not the details of the wedding plan… Tell me, why do you insist so?”

“My grandfather said, ‘Don’t hesitate, men’s hearts change easily, marry soon, have babies quick, and so…’ and my relatives also said, that if you do not marry me now, then you aren’t in love with me.”

The story continues…

Note: In Chinese on inmediahk.net. This is intended to be a parody of the national education controversy in Hong Kong.

A Brief Recap of Israel/Palestine in Chinese, Rachel Corrie, and the Lynching in Jerusalem

A Palestinian brings a child from Bethlehem to Jerusalem through a checkpoint.

A short recap, which has been published earlier in Christian Times (and available online, albeit behind a paywall), is reproduced on the Palestine Information Website—a Chinese-language website dedicated to the Israeli-Palestinian and related issues, set up by some Taiwanese advocates who’re inspired by Rachel Corriean American peace activist killed by an Israeli bulldozer 9 years ago when trying to stop a Palestinian house from being demolished in Gaza.

She’s then become a symbol of the international solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Her parents have subsequently filed three lawsuits, the first one in the United States, against Caterpillar, the supplier of the bulldozer, for selling the machinery knowing that it would be used in circumstances in violation of international law. The case was dismissed by the court under the rationale that, since the sale was made through the US Foreign Military Financing program, it’s a matter of the Executive Branch’s foreign policy decision and something that the Judicial Branch cannot intrude.

The second one was filed in Haifa, Israel against the Israeli army, for a symbolic amount of 1 USD and legal costs. The court ruled just a few days ago that it’s a “regrettable accident” and, that’s it. The comment sections of various news outlets were pounded by people applauding or denouncing the verdict.

The third one is yet to be heard.

On a brighter note, here’s an enlightening account of a discussion between some religious Jews in a synagogue, about the lynching of a few Palestinian youths by a group of Israeli Jews.